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16 Mar Çar



''Chamber Music Concert'' Philia Trio and Parea Ensemble

Two newly formed Chamber Music Groups of the young generation: Philia Trio and Parea Ensemble. Both have a very unique formation in the sense of the instruments being presented. Surely, you will experience an extraordinary feast of rare timbre combinations. A programme that will soothe your soul...

''Chamber Music Concert'' Philia Trio and Parea Ensemble
''Chamber Music Concert'' Philia Trio and Parea Ensemble

Saat ve Yer

16 Mar 2022 20:00

Kadıköy, Erenköy, Kazım Karabekirpaşa Sok. No:8 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Türkiye

Etkinlik Hakkında

Concert Programme/Konser Programı

Parea Ensemble

César Franck – Prelude, Fugue et Variation Op.18: Prelude

Mauro Giuliani – A Major Serenade for Trio Op.19

I. Adagio

II. Scherzo - Allegro assai

III. Alla Polacca

Enrique Granados – 12 Danza Españolas: No:5 “Andaluza”

Franz Schubert – Ständchen D.957 (Serenade)

Astor Piazzolla – 4 Seasons of Buenos Aires: Primavera Porteña (Spring)

*Intermission/Ara 20'*

Philia Trio

M. Glinka Trio Pathétique

I. Allegro Moderato

II. Scherzo-Trio

III. Largo

IV. Maestoso Risoluto

S. Rachmaninoff

Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14 Arr. for Clarinet, Cello and Piano by Francesco Barfoed

Philia Trio

Philia Trio is a Clarinet, Cello, Piano Trio based in Istanbul, founded in 2022. The members of the trio:

İrem Ece Gülensoy (Clarinet)

Rüştücan Güngör (Cello)

Batuhan Meriçtan (Piano)

''Philia'' is an ancient greek word that means close friendship. A variety of friendly love in which believed the ancient Greeks. Philia concerned the deep comradely friendship that developed between brothers in arms who had fought side by side on the battlefield. It occurs when both people share the same values and respect each other. It was about showing loyalty to your friends, sacrificing for them, as well as sharing your emotions with them. 

As being three close friends who love and trust in eachother we share the same endless love for music. Thus we are gathered to share our emotions by means of music. The joy, the trust, the sadness, the anger, the fear, the excitement... all of them revealed by the beauty of music. We unite around this unique beauty that keeps us lively and excited. 

Let's stop for a moment and ask ourselves how much of this comradely philia we have in our lives. It’s an important question in an age when we attempt to amass “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on Twitter—achievements that would have hardly impressed the Greeks... As Philia Trio we want to raise awareness about the importance of a true friendship and show how the music unites people and strenghtens the friendships. We want the audiance to feel and experience this beautiful ancient Greek love form and think about this lovely word. Really, how much of Philia do we have in our lives? Do we really feel emphaty for our friends? Do we really feel emphaty for other people? We think of it as the secret for the World Peace. Sharing our emotions means sharing our lives, sharing our lives means sharing our world... 

Parea Ensemble

Parea Ensemble and its members:

İdil Balbay (Bassoon)

Caner Kan (Guitar)

Doğa Yürümez (Clarinet)

Dear music lovers!

We are here as the Parea Ensemble, a unity of three close friends whose paths crossed at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

Our goal is to share with you the beauty of the timbres and colors of this unusual and rare clarinet, bassoon and guitar trio combination. We present various duo-trio works in our concert programmes. We look forward to share our music with you!


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